Where to study?

So, you want to further your studies but are not sure where to study or even if you can afford to? This  question is one question prospective students could never avoid. It comes mostly when they would like to further their studies and get that dream career. They have families to cater for and build a better future for themselves.

In an attempt to answer this question, below is a list of colleges that offer accredited courses to better equip you. These are distance learning colleges and also offer non accredited courses.

Skills Academy

A Skills Academy Supported Learning Banner

Skills Academy focuses on short skill courses. This is very ideal for working students who want to better their skills.

 Together We Pass

Together we pass banner with the words together we pass work together. excel together

Together We Pass has online  groups, to assist students. Together We Pass also caters for students outside the groups and students who study the various Home Study colleges.

The Learning Group

The Learning Group - Support Learning banner

The Learning Group is a top-ranking college, when compared with other Home Study colleges. The college specialises on full-service creative courses.

 The Decor School

The Decor School banner

The Decor School specialises on Interior Decor and Design.

 TWP Academy


TWP Academy focuses on Accounting and Bookkeeping Studies.

Home Study College


Home Study College does not have a “niche market”, as it offers a wide range of courses.

Last updated : April 02, 2020

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